Heroscape Football


Try your hand at some REAL fantasy football with these scenarios called Monday Night Glyphball.

Elfball Fantasy Sports Rules

Elfball is a fantasy football game
from Impact Games, a new company which produces fantasy football figures. I’ve always wanted to get into fantasy football, but painting those figures has jsut not been on my short list.

Blood Bowl Soccer

Blood Bowl is one of Games Workshop’s smaller games, but its been around for as long as I can remember. Here’s a Bloodbowl variant that uses the game to play European "Football" — soccer.

BloodBowl Hockey Variant

Here’s a variant for Games Workshop’s BloodBowl Game in a hockey format.

Deathball Pit Fighting Rules

Heresy Miniatures offers a set of free miniatures rules called Deathball. There’s also an arena for you to download.

In Deathball, the authors write:

The team’s objectives tend to revolve around the placing of heads and the inflated organs of sacrificial victims into stone goals or onto mighty altars, while at the same time killing and maiming as many of the opposing dark lord’s fighters as possible. In Deathball, deaths are frequent and spectacular: the ‘ball is always the secondary consideration. It is the roar of the crowd, that greets the players with howls of lust and fury as gold changes hands; the laughter of the Dark Lords as another creature is slaughtered; the thrill and relief of surviving; this is what Deathball really is!