D6 Shooters Cowboy Game

D6 Shooters is a solo Old West Campaign game. The format could be adapted to a wide variety of periods and settings.

The d6 Shooters are a famous Old West posse, and you are their leader. In this solitaire Print-and-Play series, you will lead your posse on several adventures and missions, using a Yahtzee-style dice system to gain resources, movement and perform other important actions. There is always danger near, and your journeys will be very challenging to complete, but there is also the potential for great reward with untapped gold deposits among the California lands where you travel.

American Civil War Flags

Here are a page of downloadable, printable flags for your American Civil War games. They’re quite nicely done.

Armies of Finland 1783 – 1811

The New York Public Library has a large collection of color plates of the armies of Finland in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Uniforms of Norway and Sweden 1500 – 1909

Here’s a large selection of color plates of the uniforms of Norway and Sweden from 1500 – 1909.