La Bataille Premier ME 11111 Free Hex and Counter Napoleonic Wargame

La Bataille Premier ME 11111 is a free print and play wargame of Napoleonic warfare. From the introduction:

This document has been provided for the use of all players who strive to enjoy the multiplayer effort of participating in the Age of Napoleon. Yet the rules are flexible enough to facilitate one-on–one play for smaller scenarios and battles—especially corps versus corps engagements.

The authors of this script believe this drama can best be played in the recreation of larger battles, like Austerlitz and Eylau, in which there are a number of commanders for each side. If you are playing with just one other player; or just trying to familiarize yourself with the system; or even playing solitaire, then try your hand with one of the smaller engagements like Auerstadt or Halle. As you gain more confidence with the system, then you may want to escalate to the larger multi-player games where you will be able to experience the intrigue and symphonic dynamics inherent to La Bataille.

This is your script to become a character in a play and the theater is a battlefield in Europe during the early 19th Century. The emotions of tragedy and comedy; glory and humiliation; envy and self-sacrifice; and jealousy and compassion; are an important part of the politics and wars of the period. The authors passionately believe the interaction of human players is the only way to create this drama.

What Three Divisions Of A Napoleonic Army Look Like

Here’s a video of a three divisions of a Napoleonic British Army done in 1:1 scale. Amazing.

Napoleon At Waterloo Free Wargame

Gamers (like me) of a certain age will remember the old James Dunnigan game Napoleon At Waterloo. It’s a small, but interesting board game that was given away to S&T subscribers, and also by many game stores — I got mine for free on a “games day.”

You can now download this classic for free. Maybe it can be used to introduce a new generation to the joys of chit and hex games.

Avalon Hill’s classic 1962 Waterloo boardgame has been given a facelift by John Cooper, who makes the redone map and counters available as a free download.

Valeur et Discipline Napoleonics Website

The Valeur et Discipline site has some terrific eye candy of 25mm Napoleonic figures. My dream is to have a collection of such figs.