Black Skies Starfighter Combat Rules

Black Skies is a set of free wargames rules for star fighter combat. The author writes:

A while back I was looking for something new to play and decided I’d like to try a star fighter combat game. I checked out a variety of rule sets and found nothing that I really liked. In fact, the most popular set seemed to be unnecessarily complex and slow, not something I expected from a set of star fighter rules. What I expected fighter combat to be was FAST. Complex and slow just didn’t work. So I set out to create my own (with plenty of help from the guys at my local war gaming club). I tried and liked an unfinished set by Shaun Austin which had several good ideas, but I thought the turn sequence could be streamlined. Using the basic card movement idea, and a simple combat system I tried to make these rules feel more like the fast deadly action I imagine star fighter combat should be.

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