Waterloo Napoleonics Rules

Waterloo is a new set of Napoleonics rules, free for the downloading, from Evan Williams. The game is organized around “companies,” and statistics are for single figures.

Imperial Mars Miniatures Rules

Imperial Mars is a set of free miniatures rules for games set in a Mars that has been colonized by the imperial powers. The author writes:

The level we have set for these actions is fairly small scale, the idea being that the transportation of large armies to the red planet is far too expensive to consider. A company of earthling infantry works out to about 24 figures, which gives a good level of playability. The Martians we use, and thus those used in the body of the rules, are either humanoid or reptilian, this is due to the selection of figures available. For simplicity I will refer to them as regular and large Martians (with or without fries!).

Whilst we cannot claim that these rules are “generic”, how could they be? We like to think that the system is so simple and open ended that any “new” races or weapons can be quickly slotted in. This seems to be so simple that most of our games involve some rule modification for the scenario. Anyway I hope that you enjoy them and at least find something in them of use.

These rules were developed initially for 10mm figures though I can see no reason why they cannot be used for other scales.

Two For Tea Fast Play American Revolution Rules

Rebel Publishing offers “Two For Tea”, a set of fast play rules for the American War of Independence. I’ve tried them, and they work well.

NATO Brigade Commander Rules

Tim Gow offers a set of free wargames rules called “NATO Brigade Commander”. The ground scale is 1 hex=1 km and a stand is a company.

Hail of Fire WWII Rules

Hail of Fire is a set of pay-what-you-want wargames rules for company level games in World War II. The authors write.

“Hail Of Fire”┬áis a company-level, WWII themed miniatures war game designed to be both simple and easy to learn while keeping both players engaged in the action! And best of all, the rules are only few pages long! So print out the PDF, throw some models on the table, and jump right into an exciting tabletop brawl!

Using a fast, interactive turn sequence, players are always in the fight. The addition of hidden action points, fast and easy deployment, and a delayed combat resolution system ensures that both commanders will be fighting the friction and fog of war as much as they are each other!