Round Table: A DBM Arthurian Campaign

Jeff Herbert offers “Round Table,” a set of rules for a DBM Arthurian campaign. This would be a really interesting game, considering the fine Romano British figures now out from Gripping Beast and others.

Map of Anglo Saxon London

Dark Ages gamers may be interested in this map of Anglo Saxon London. A very large and usable image of the map is at the link.


Shields and Blades Dark Ages rules

Shields and Blades is a set of free wargames rules by Jackson Gamer Eric Wood. It is designed as a “squad level” game, with each casting representing 10 to 15 men.

From the introduction:

This rule set is a squad-level scale using side move / countermove system. The rule set has opportunity fire (with both standing and moving fire). Since these rules are not skirmish level, the shield facing and facing of the castings is not a problem.

Squad Scale
This rule set deals with each casting representing a squad of a fifteen men rather than tactical or grand tactical scales. As a result the formation and movement rules are very fluid and the distance ranges might seem wrong to some one, until they realize that the battles are “zoomed in”.
Since we are not skirmish level, shield facing and facing of the castings is not a problem. One can do a skirmish level game with these rules easily by worrying about the shield facing and increasing the weapon 3” and movement ranges an additional d6”.

1:15 thus 1 casting represents 15 men. 1′ = 120 yards, 1″ = 10 yards. Time frame is 1 minute. 2 fire phases. Infantry unit has 180 men; cavalry has 90 riders and 90 horses. Minute walk moves 1’ (12”).
Infantry base is 3/4″ x 3/4″. Assume each infantryman wants 4′ front x 7′ back. Fits 15 castings with 5 along the front and 3 ranks deep.

Modeling A Dark Ages A-Frame Farmhouse

The Anglo Saxon Invasion Documentary

from the BBC. I love the Dark Ages as a gaming period.