1889 Colonial Uniform Guides

This is an excellent resource for colonial wargamers. Warflag has a number of nice color plates of French, German and Italian colonial uniforms from 1889.

Pictoral History of Costume

Braun and Schneider’s “History of Costume” was published from 1861-1880 in Munich. This website has the translated text and the original color plates, with more than 500 costumes. This is a great miniatures painting guide, especially for the “contemporary” (i.e., 1880s) plates of peoples in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Painting A Velociraptor

Of course no one knows exactly what a dinosaur looked like, but Andrew Thompson will tell you how he painted a very nice looking one for his land that time forgot miniature wargame.

World War II Vehicle Camouflage Guide

Mike Cooper has a web page with useful information on World War Two vehicle camouflage. IIt includes text descriptions, as well as a virtual “paint chip” gallery.

French Uniform Guide 1690 – 1900

Les Uniformes de l’Armee Francaise contains a series of marvelous images that will work very well as a painting guide.