White Mountain Board Game

White Mountain is a hex and counter board game for the Thirty Years War. It’s designed in the vein of the popular Command and Colors system.

Jack Scruby’s Rules For A Thirty Years Wargame

From the Godfather of American Wargaming, Jack Scruby, comes the Rules For A 30 Years Wargame. We have the people at Historifigs to thank for offering these free reprints of classic wargames rules.

Tilly’s Very Bad Day – 30 Years War Rules

Tilly’s Very Bad Day is a set of free wargames rules for the Thirty Years War. They are designed as a fast play set.

Thirty Years War Site

This site has a good history of the Thirty Years War, with lots of of information about the various phases of the war — The Bohemian Rebellion, the Palatinate, etc.. Lots here that I never knew about.

If you’re interested in gaming the ThirtyYears War, there’s a post here about a set of rules for the period.

Lion of the North Thirty Years War Rules

Lion of the North is a set of free wargames rules for battles set in the Thirty Years War. The rules set also includes Haiduk and Rajtar for period battles in Eastern Europe, and a set of army lists.

Lion Of The North Rules

Haiduk and Rajtar

Lion Of The North Lists