Rule References and Roster Sheets for Osprey Miniature Wargaming Rules

Osprey has gone into miniatures rules in a big way (and it makes me wonder why they didn’t do so long ago). On this page, you can get copies of the play sheets and reference sheets for In Her Majesty’s Name, Dux Bellorum, A World Aflame, Gods and Mortals, Ronin, On The Seven Seas, A Fistful of Kung Fu and Lion Rampant.

Frostgrave: Into The Breeding Pits Dungeon Tiles

Osprey offers a set of printable dungeon tiles for its Frostgrave: Into TheĀ BreedingĀ Pits game.

Frostgrave House Rules

Here are a set of houserules for Osprey Publishing’s Frostgrave.