Ghosts of Albion Web Cartoon

The Ghosts of Albion is a web cartoon featuring a couple of monster hunters in the Victorian era. The series apparently was so popular that it spawned games, novellas and other bits. Fans of Victorian Horror will find this to be a lot of fun.

Gene Autrey and The Phantom Empire

Gene Autrey’s serial, The Phantom Empire is available for viewing online. It’s a great mix of cowboys and science fiction:

From IMDB:When the ancient continent of Mu sank beneath the ocean, some of its inhabitant survived in caverns beneath the sea. Cowboy singer Gene Autry stumbles upon the civilization, now buried beneath his own Radio Ranch. The Muranians have developed technology and weaponry such as television and ray guns. Their rich supply of radium draws unscrupulous speculators from the surface. The peaceful civilization of the Muranians is corrupted by the greed from above, and it becomes Autry’s task to prevent all-out war, ideally without disrupting his regular radio show.

Blade Runner As A Classic Noir Film

This is a great recut of BladeRunner as a classic “noir” film. Worth two minutes to watch. I’m of the opinion that BladeRunner is the finest science fiction film every made.

The Great Martian War Documentary

Great martian war from PLAZMA on Vimeo.

Disney’s Gargoyles

In the 1990s, Disney produced a wonderful cartoon series called Gargoyles, which featured dark imagery and Shakespearean themes. It was also heavily influenced by medieval Scottish history (which makes sense, since the Gargoyles were from Scotland). If you missed it, despair not. Disney has released legitimate copies of the entire series on YouTube. Here’s the first episode: