Crimson Eagles Pulp Air Combat Rules

Crimson Eagles is Michael Reitz’s mash-up between the old FASA Crimson Skies pulp aircraft rules and the Canvas Eagles WWI rules.

Valley Of The Apes Miniatures Adventure Game

Valley of the Apes is designed as an adventure game for kids. Players create their own jungle terrain, scatter the encounter tiles (with hazards or treasures) across the valley, and send bands of toy soldier figures to seek fame and riches.

Konflikt ’47 Wierd War II Rules

Konflikt ’47 is a set of free wargames rules for 15mm games in a Wierd World War II setting:

Imagine a World in which WW2 didn’t end in 1945, a World that discovered new technologies in the mid-war period that prolonged the war and left the eventual outcome in doubt. A World in which the alliance between the US, Britain and the Soviet Union has broken down and Italy re-emerges as an ally if the Third Reich. Once you’ve imagined all this, you have the essential background to KONFLIKT’47.

Giant Spiders From Outer Space

Giant Spiders From Outer Space is a set of free wargames rules for reliving your favorite 1950s sci fi movies:

This is game is inspired by those Science Fiction movies of the 1950’-1970’s that we all love. A metorite hits the countryside somewhere and reveals to be the egg of a giant Spider. You are in command of an Army unit with a vital mission: kill it…. and save the Earth!

Tarzan Army

Eye Candy: An army based on the Tarzan books.