Conqest of the Lost World Miniatures Game

Conquest of the Lost World:

is a miniatures wargame of heroic battles in a land forgotten by time. Colonial powers and captains of industry alike have raised forces to make the dangerous journey to the Earth’s core in search of scientific marvels, exploitable workforces and natural resources. In games of Conquest of the Lost World, you become commander of a small military force and make the vital decisions that will lead you to victory over your rivals, whether they are mercenaries, native warriors, lost Roman Legionnaires, colonial military expeditions, or worse.

Island Mayhem Rules

Island Mayhem are a set of free wargames rules for pirates.

Dirty Labs and Dangerous Jungles

Dirty Labs and Dangerous Jungles is a set of pulp extensions for the free Wild West Skirmish Set, Black West. Both can be found on this page.

Poundland Super Hero Rules

Poundland is the UK version of the US Dollar Store chains. They sell knock-off Lego superheroes and the Death Zap blog wrote a set of rules for them called Poundland Super Heroes.

Pulp Era Modifications for Rezolution Rules

Beowulf The Hunter offers some modifications for using the Rezolution rules for playing your pulp-era miniature wargames. He writes:

First let me say, I love the Rez rules. I have been and always been luke warm on the figures/setting. My current love has been Pulp. Thus I have tried to blend the two into a fun quick paced playable game.

For those who are unfamiliar with Pulp, it is the genre of literature that takes place between the end of WWI and the start of WWII. If you have seen movies like the Rocketeer, or Indiana Jones, or Sky Captain you have seen Pulp.

The following modifications allow you to use the Rez rules to play a Strapping Hero and his Dangerous Dame against a sinister villian and his horde of mooks. There realy are no point value for characters and the creation rules are pretty free form so you could have a Villian who uses his mental powers to twart the heroes while sacrificing minions to prevent damage or a martail arts using hero with a heavy gun toting sidekick.

These rules allow for 3-10 models per player and you can have free for alls. All rules are as presented in the rulebook.