TSR’s Warriors of Mars

In 1974, TSR published a set of rules for playing out battles set in Edgar Rice Burrough’s Barsoon.

Godlike Open Source Rules

Godlike – Open Source Rules is a conversion of the WWII Superhero RPG to the familiar d20 type system.

Konflikt ’47 Wierd War II Rules

Konflikt ’47 is a set of free wargames rules for 15mm games in a Wierd World War II setting:

Imagine a World in which WW2 didn’t end in 1945, a World that discovered new technologies in the mid-war period that prolonged the war and left the eventual outcome in doubt. A World in which the alliance between the US, Britain and the Soviet Union has broken down and Italy re-emerges as an ally if the Third Reich. Once you’ve imagined all this, you have the essential background to KONFLIKT’47.

Conqest of the Lost World Miniatures Game

Conquest of the Lost World:

is a miniatures wargame of heroic battles in a land forgotten by time. Colonial powers and captains of industry alike have raised forces to make the dangerous journey to the Earth’s core in search of scientific marvels, exploitable workforces and natural resources. In games of Conquest of the Lost World, you become commander of a small military force and make the vital decisions that will lead you to victory over your rivals, whether they are mercenaries, native warriors, lost Roman Legionnaires, colonial military expeditions, or worse.

Island Mayhem Rules

Island Mayhem are a set of free wargames rules for pirates.