Paper Tigers World War II Skirmish Rules

Paper Tiger Armaments offers Paper Tigers, a set of World War II skirmish rules. The author writes:

Paper Tigers is designed as an introduction to miniatures war gaming for the beginner. It is intended to be played with paper miniatures printed in 1/72 or 1/76 scale. To that end, the rules are kept deliberately easy to learn. This does not mean the rules are unsophisticated. Players will find that good tactics are generally rewarded. Paper Tigers uses a standard deck of playing cards to generate an interesting and sometimes surprisingly tense turn sequence. Higher value cards allow you to act first, but they are more difficult to successfully use. Lower value cards are easier to use, but with them, you are more likely to act after your opponent.

Most players! initial games are likely to be solo efforts. This does not pose a problem as Paper Tigers is purposely designed to work well in singleplayer games. The card-driven turn sequence combined with other mechanisms that limit player control make Paper Tigers highly suitable for solo play yet still provide an enjoyable multi-player game

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