World War II Painting Guides

Artizan Designs has a page with very good painting guides for a wide variety of World War II Uniforms.

Stop Action Miniature Wargaming Video

This is a pretty neat little YouTube video of two guys and a WWII game. You’ll love the stop action animation.

Flames of War Desert Campaign

Running a “campaign” can add context and interest to a miniature wargame. Here’s a Tobruk Desert Campaign for Flames of War.

Battles of the Winter War Site

The 1939 – 1940 Soviet invasion of Finland was one the least well known, but also among the most interesting of WWII campaigns. Here’s a site on the Winter War. It was also, by the way, the subject of a fantastic Finnish movie: THE WINTER WAR (Talvisota)

Flames of War Quick Start Rules

The folk at the Flames of War offer “Open Fire,” a set of quickstart rules for 15mm WWII gaming.