Panzer Clash Print-and-Play Card Game

Panzer Clash is a free print-and-play card game with a World War II theme for 2-4 players. From the BGG decription:

Pick a side, either Axis or Allies, and build a deck of 40 cards out of a pool of 100 different cards in order to defeat your enemey.
The deck or Supply contains Factories, Units, Events and Terrain Modifiers. Factories are needed to build Units and Terrain Modifiers as well as to power Events. Units and Events, which usually belong to one or more of the four factions (Germans, Japanese, Americans and Soviets) are used to attack and deal damage to the opponent, have certain beneficial effects on the game or are used to weaken the opponent. For each point of damage a Player receives through Units and Events, he or she puts one card from his or her Supply (deck) onto his or her Junkyard (discard-pile). Is a player unable to draw a card from the Supply, he or she loses immediately.

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