Lion’s Lair: Malta Convoy Battles 1940 – 1942 Board Game

Lion's Lair is a free print-and-play board game from Lou Coatney. He describes it as:

A fast-playing, point-to-point game of the British trying to battle their way through U-boats, Italian subs, Italian aircraft, German StuKas, Italian MAS motor torpedo boats, and the Italian fleet.

Constantinople Solo Board Game

Constantinople is a print-and-play board game tracking the thousand year history of the Byzantine Empire. From the BGG description:

A Victory Point Games States of Siege Series style solitaire wargame covering the millennium-long history of the Byzantine empire, from the foundation of Constantinople in AD330 until its fall in AD1453. The player uses military might as well as diplomacy and outright bribery to keep the many opposing forces at bay for as long as possible. Can you outlive the historic Byzantine empire, or will your efforts be relegated to an obscure footnote in the history books?

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Pacific War Naval Chess Game

Pacific War Naval Chess Game is a hex-and-counter, print-and-play game of World War II.

Racing To The North Pole Card Game

Racing To The North Pole is a set of rules for a build-your-own card and board game. As the name implies, the game is about polar explorers in the early 1900s.

Apostolos Christian Board Game

Apostolos is a print-and-play board game in which you build churches, guard them against false teachings, deal with persecution, and raise up more workers to make more churches. For 2 - 4 players.