Knights of the Dinner Table Heroscape Meat Grinder

Kenzer and Company have created a series of scenarios for Heroscape based on the Knights of the Dinner Table’s Meat Grinder. I will confess to not following all of the “in jokes” in these scenarios.

Heroscape Football


Try your hand at some REAL fantasy football with these scenarios called Monday Night Glyphball.

Quests of Heroscape

Quests of Heroscape adds a new element to the basic Heroscape game. In it, a victory is achieved by completing a series of random quests. The rules include some professionally done quest cards.

Legends of Old Mars LotR LotOW Variant

Legends of Old Mars is a Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom variant of Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings / Legends of the Old West game. I think that system is perfect for playing games involving John Carter, Tars Tarkas and the other denizens of Burrough’s Barsoom.

Savage Worlds Lord Of The Rings Skirmish

The Savage Worlds role playing system has attracted the attention of a lot of miniature wargamers becuase it is so easily usable as a miniatures game. There’s even a free subset of the role playing rules called Savage Worlds Showdown, designed specifically for miniatures skirmish.

Here’s a free expansion for Savage Worlds for playing Lord of the Rings Skirmish Games.