Netherhells Heroic Fantasy Rules

Heresy Miniatures offers a heroic fantasy game called “Netherhells.” It’s a dungeon-crawl game, with players facing a game master.

A Spot of Friendly Wizardry Rules

A Spot of Friendly Wizardry is a set of free wargames rules for battles between two or more wizards.

Gangs of Skavenblight

Gangs of Skavenblight is an Warhammer Fantasy adaptation of Footsore Miniatures’ Gangs of Rome Game. It features, as you might imagine, gangs of Skaven fighting for control of the city of the Horned Rat.

All of the links below are to pdf files.


Character Cards

Weapons Cards

An Hour of Valor Fantasy Skirmish Rules

An Hour of Valor is a set of free wargames rules for Fantasy Skirmishes.

Deathball One Page Rules

Deathball is a set of one page rules for combat oriented football games. The authors write:

Deathball is a fast paced and brutal sports game inspired by others such as Dreadball and Blood Bowl. Challenge your friends in a match of this violent sports contest where a well-placed pass is just as important as a well-placed punch.