Choosing A Good DBM Army For Competition

Now that the summer upon us, many of you out there will be thinking about making up a killer DBM army for Bob Beattie’s DBM tournament at Historicon. If you’re wondering about the best way to walk away with the trophy, you might want to consider reading this article on choosing a good DBM army for competition.

Greek Village Model

Eye candy time. Greg Kelleher has built a nice greek village for DBA.

Battle Drills and Tactics for DBM

Judging from the number of games I’ve seen at conventions, De Bellis Multidudinus (DBM) is probably the most popular ancients game out there. Unfortunately, it’s written in an obscure dialect of English known as Barkereese. Linguists contend that the form originally developed as a form of cryptography, allowing the Angles to the Saxons in the dark. Unfortunately, it also keeps gamers from knowing exactly what the author intended. As a result, many scholars have dedicated their websites to explaining it all. This site is full of diagrams explaining DBM’s concepts to those not fluent in Barkereese.

DBA Variants

Chris Brantley has collected this list of rules variants for the De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) ancients miniature wargame.

DBA Terrain Squares

David Kuijt has instructions on building terrain squares for DBA miniatures games.