Miniature Paint Comparisons

Exponent wargaming has a nice article comparing the Vallejo, Games Workshop, Tamiya and Privateer Press paint lines from a gaming painter’s perspective.

Restore Your Expensive Citadel Paints and Transfer To Drop Bottles

Here’s some advice on restoring your Citadel paints and then transferring them to drop bottles where they will last ever so much longer.

I’ve done this to all of my Citadel Paints. It was worth the effort.

Golden Age Super Heroes In Paper

For an unusual game, you might try these paper models of Golden Age Superheroes.

Photographic History of the US Navy

NavSource is an interesting site with photos and stats on hundreds of US navy ships. I spent way too much time browsing here.

La Felissima Armada Naval Rules

La Felissima Armada is a set of free wargames rules for naval skirmishes between England and Spain in the Elizabethan Age.