Warhammer Napoleonics

Warhammer Napoleonics is a set of stat lines and modifications for using the basic Warhammer Rules for the Napoleonic period.

Homemade Brush Holder

The Santa Cruz Warhammer site has a useful quick tip on making an inexpensive brush holder.

Swordplay Man To Man Skirmish Rules

Two Hour Wargames offers Swordplay, a one-to-one skirmish game with sword, shield and bow.

Jacobite Rebellion Rules

Watching with varying degrees of interest the Outlander series on Starz, I was interested to run into this set of free wargames rules for the Jacobite Rebellion. The rules also contain notes on painting, with unit colors and the like.

Samurai Knight Fever

Samurai Knight Fever is a set of free wargames rules for Japan’s Age of Battles: 1550-1615. The author is Tod Kershner, who is the designer of popular and established wargames rules including Warfare in the Age of Reason, Age of Discovery, Age of Napoleon, Pig Wars, A Firebell in the Night and Iroquois Terror.

Kershner is a friend of mine, and I have long enjoyed playing in his games.