Rosie RetroRocket Paper Model

This one is really cute. It’s a paper model of a Buck Rogers looking girl on a retro style rocket.

Green Dragon Tavern Paper Model

Delta 7 Studios offers a paper model of the Green Dragon Tavern. The Inn was a meeting place for Patriots during the period just prior to the outbreak of hostilities in the American Revolution. It’s in pdf form and in 1/120 scale.

Back Issues of The General

I grew up reading The General, Avalon Hill’s monthly magazine featuring its games. You can find an archive of all of the original issues of The General at the link.

Steampunk Daedalus and Icarus

For the Victorian Science Fiction / VSF / Steampunk Fans:

Breaking News Modern Skirmish Rules

Italian wargames magazine Dadi&Piombo (Dice and Lead) is offering a free set of modern skirmish wargames rules called Breaking News