Making A Hedge Maze For Your Miniatures

Storm The Castle has a photo tutorial on making a hedge maze. I’ve been doing a lot of looking at hedge construction techniques as I prepare for my own hedge row project.

Into The Darkness Skirmish Rules

Into the Darkness is a set of simple free wargames rules for skirmishes.

The author writes:

Into The Darknessis a tabletop war-gamefor two players. It is played on a 4×4 board, with each player alternating taking turns. Each player controls one (1) team, which may comprise as few as three but as many as nine models. Each model is given three points with which to purchase gear, though points may be gained with experience.

15mm Painting Advice

Zrune Lord has a brief photo tutorial on painting a 15mm orc. I find it interesting that he uses inks on his 15mm figures. I’ve never tried that, instead relying on blocking and dry brushing.

Magnetic Basing Instructions

The Wargames Table has a very useful article on making magnetic basing. Using a magnetic system can be useful both for movement trays and for transport.

For my part, I base all of my 28mm figures on one inch washers. Then, I line both movement trays and transport boxes with magnetic vinyl, of the sort used for signs for the sides of cars.

I’ve also found that I can paint the magnetic vinyl with no loss of magnetism. So, my movement trays have a green surface onto which the figure bases stick.

Color Photos Of Britain in 1939

Digital Photography Review (photography is one of my other hobbies, along with golf), has two articles containing some wonderful color photos of Britain in 1939. Very useful stuff, if you’re involved in inter-war, early war or that Very British Civil War games.