Pike and Shot Miniatures Rules

Pike And Shot is John Armatys’ set of free wargames rules for fighting battles of the English Civil War. The rules also can be used to resolve battles of other 17th Century Western European conflicts. The rules set appears designed for 15mm figures, but has special instructions for using 25mm figs.

Scratchbuilding A Macro Lens

Macro lenses are perfect for photographing miniatures. They’re expensive, though. Here’s how one gamer scratch built a macro lens.

Doomed Card Game

Doomed is a card game designed to recreate a certain video game. Like All WarpSpawn games, this is very much a do-it-yourself project.

Small Scale Print-and-Play Buildings

Germy offers a plethora of small scale print and play buildings. The buildings are in 2mm – 6mm scale, and would be perfect for micro armor, or for those Godzilla – Kaiiju games.

Trench Raider: WWI Waraming In Ten Minutes

Trench Raider is a set of free wargames rules for WWI trench warfare.