Using A Wet Palette

Two good videos on using a wet palette for painting.

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Painting Flesh On Miniatures

I have long had trouble getting large swashes of flesh to look right. This video is helpful.

Priming With Gesso

Here's an article on priming your figures with artists gesso. I've actually been using gesso to prime my figures since the late 1970s. I only use it on 25mm / 28mm figures, though. With my 15s, it is much more efficient to use spray paint.

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The Complete Future

Matt Swan has a web page describing all of the varieties of Future acrylic floor wax, and their uses in modeling. Miniature Wargamers, of course, have discovered the use of Future in making washes that easily provide shading on painted figures.

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Painting White

Painting white as the primary color of a miniature is hard. The video above offers some good tips. As does this one below: