How To Varnish Miniatures With Spray Cans Without Frosting

I find varnishing figures stressful. Untold hours of painting labor can be ruined in seconds. Here is some advice on how to do it right.

Vallejo Model Color to Citadel Equivalencies

Here’s a handy chart for converting between Vallejo and Games Workshop’s Citadel Color paints.

Vallejo Model Color to Craft Paint Equivalencies

Vallejo model color is considered by many to be spot-on accurate for painting historical colors, but it’s so doggone expensive.

Here’s a page with information on converting from Vallejo to Delta, Folk Art and Apple Barrel Craft paints.

Basic Techniques For Getting Painted Miniatures On The Table

With so many games using plastic miniatures for playing pieces these days, a lot more people are getting into painting figures. Here’s a very basic technique.

Blacklining Tutorial

Jenova offers a page with a tutorial on using the blackline painting technique on your miniatures.