Transferring Citadel Paints Into Dropper Bottles

Painting White Tutorial

Here is a very extensive tutorial on painting one of the most difficult colors: white

Tackling A Reaper Vampire Box

Now that so many of us have finally received our Reaper Kickstarter packages, the question is how to approach such a daunting project. Gnome Stew has some advice.

Painting Faces Tutorial

This particular tutorial on painting faces is focused on a Renaissance figure, but the techniques are universal. I quite like Stuart’s results. In particular, I like the fact that he doesn’t paint the eyes, which to my mind looks better. While painted eyes are technically impressive, to my mind they too often look bug-eyed.

Future Floor Wax Now Pledge Floor Care

For years, I’ve been using Future liquid floor “wax” to make washes and improve paint flow. That product is gone from the shelves, but “Pledge Floor Care” seems to be the identical product under a new name.

I’ve got a big supply of Future, but I’d be interested in knowing whether others have found Pledge Floor Care to work as well.