Priming With Gesso

Here’s an article on priming your figures with artists gesso. I’ve actually been using gesso to prime my figures since the late 1970s. I only use it on 25mm / 28mm figures, though. With my 15s, it is much more efficient to use spray paint.

Speed Painting A 15mm Vehicle

You don’t have to paint everything as though you were trying to win a Golden Demon. Here are a few tips on speed painting vehicles.

Lighting Your Workspace

Massive Voodoo has a tutorial on lighting your workspace.

Painting Bones Miniatures

If you were one of the ones who bought into Reaper Mniatures’ Kickstarter for Bones, here’s a tipsheet on how to paint the figures. They’re a new kind of plastic and some of the techniques you’re used to may not work.

Speed Painting With Washes

This video is about painting orcs, but the techniques can easily be extended.