March To The Sound of the Guns rules

Herbert Wong written “March to the Sound of the Guns,” a Napoleonic wargame that is a variant of Games Workshop’s Warmaster miniatures rules. Warmaster is a generally good set of rules that borrows heavily from Fire and Fury and some other historical sets. Of course, Games Workshop would never admit that. Heck, they don’t even admit that there is a miniature wargaming hobby outside of the “Games Workshop Hobby.”

1 Page Napoleonic Skirmish

The Jackson Gamers have these free wargames rules for Napoleonic skirmishes. The best part: the rules are just one page long.

Painting Napoleonic Ships

Ray Trochim has a guide to assembling and painting the miniature ships for your Napoleonic wargames.

Tough Men With Iron Balls: Piquet For Age of Sail

Tough Men With Iron Balls is a set of free wargames rules for fighting 7 Years War and Napoleonic Naval Battles.

Sails of Glory Solo Rules

Here are a set of interesting rules for solo play of the Sails of Glory game.