Painting Napoleonic Ships

Ray Trochim has a guide to assembling and painting the miniature ships for your Napoleonic wargames.

Tough Men With Iron Balls: Piquet For Age of Sail

Tough Men With Iron Balls is a set of free wargames rules for fighting 7 Years War and Napoleonic Naval Battles.

Sails of Glory Solo Rules

Here are a set of interesting rules for solo play of the Sails of Glory game.

The Napoleonic Source Book by Philip Haythornthwaite

Philip Haythornthwaite’s The Napoleonic Sourcebook is a good place to start for a basic understanding of the Napoleonic Wars. The volume is divided into six major sections: The Campaigns, Weapons and the Practice of War, The Nations Involved in the Wars, Biographies, Sources, Miscellaea and a useful glossary. There are more than 200 black and white illustrations, maps and charts. For the painter, the book has descriptions of various uniforms and lists of uniform, facing, hat and button colors.

The Napoleonic Source Book

Column, Line and Square Napoleonics Rules

Column, Line and Square was the first set of Napoleonics rules that I ever played — and I suspect, the first set that many people played. We called it Column, Line and Slaughter, though, becuase slaughter was the usual result.

Still, it was fun to play –especially with 25mm figures.

Sadly, the set is apparently no longer in print. But you can get the rules here, free for the downloading.