Eyewitness To History

The Eyewitness To History site has hundreds of first-hand accounts of major events in history. There is a lot here for games creating wargames scenarios. For example, here is an eyewitness account of the Battle Of Antietam, from David Thompson, a member of the 9th NY Volunteers.

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Historically Accurate Costumes For Disney Princesses

As one interested in all things history, I found this to be a terrific video.

Dan Carlin Hardcore History Podcasts For Free

A large number of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcasts are now available for free. In 2012, Hardcore History was nominated for a Stitcher Award in the Best Educational & Learning Podcast category

Adrian Carton de Wiart: The unkillable soldier

The BBC has an article on Adrian Carton de Wiart, a legendary British soldier. From the article:

Carton de Wiart served in the Boer War, World War One and World War Two. In the process he was shot in the face, losing his left eye, and was also shot through the skull, hip, leg, ankle and ear.

In WW1 he was severely wounded on eight occasions and mentioned in despatches six times.

Having previously lost an eye and a hand in battle, Carton de Wiart, as commanding officer, was seen by his men pulling the pins of grenades out with his teeth and hurling them with his one good arm during the Battle of the Somme, winning the Victoria Cross.

The Game of Dungeon – 1974

The Game of Dungeon is one of the earliest known variants of Dungeons and Dragons.

There's an article on the Game of Dungeon here.

The blog Playing At The World should be of great interest to anyone who started gaming in the 1970s or early 1980s.