Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Rules

Wolsung is a nice looking set of free wargames rules for skirmishes in a steapunk setting.

Update: The previously free rules now are published for sale.

Machinations Steampunk RPG

Machinations is a simple steampunk RPG. From the author’s description:

Welcome to the Eternal City, the home of the Machinations RPG. Take on the role of an Adventurer, an Alchemist, an Artificer or even a deathless Automaton. Band together with others to form a Free Company and then hire yourselves out to perform acts of sabotage, espionage, assassination, extortion, blackmail or plain old robbery. All in a world a short step from our own, where reason has been lost, empires exist to be built and strange technology dominates all walks of life. It is a world of sinister intrigue, awful power, terrible events and dark portents. There is also beer, song and glory

Steampunk Mecha Paper Models

The Toposolitario site has a nice selection of paper models of mecha suitable for steampunk, pulp or wierd WWII games.

Above The Seven Seas Steampunk Rules

Above the Seven Seas is a Steampunk inspired set of miniatures rules. Author Henrik Granlid writes:

Longing for a way to recreate the massive air battles of the fantastic anime Last Exile and also dreaming myself away to the wonderful imagery of old naval battles, I just felt I had to try and recreate these battles between massive ships high up in the skies wilst still trying to keep some form of realism. After looking into several things, i finally came to the conclusion that trying to have as few dice as possible might well be the best option, the tactical ability of the player coupled still with a few handfulls of luck would work a lot better than someone rolling all ones when unleashing a broadside and missing the huge ship next to his own. What I hope to bring players is a new view of tactical miniature gaming and I hope you people will make your own models to play this game.

Steam Walker Paper Model

For fans of Victorian Science Fiction, here’s a downloadable paper model of a steam walker.