Spooky Trees and Fog Machine

Ironhands has some evil trees he built from kids toys, and a page explaining how he used an electric fog machine to add some great effects to his tabletop games.

Now how about some fog through the spooky trees.

Gallery of Gothic and Fantasy Terrain

Frothers Unite-UK has a gallery of gothic and fantasy terrain pieces. There are a lot of commercial products here that I’ve not seen before.

Scratch-Building Wargames Terrain

Chris Brantley has a page with advice on scratch-building wargames terrain. It’s aimed at newbies in general, and DBA players in particular.

Working With High Density Polystyrene

Manorhouse Workshop has a set of three tutorials on making wargames terrain from high density polystyrene (insulation board).

Modeling A Dark Ages / Medieval Village

Battle Brush Studios has a tutorial on making a dark ages / medieval village.