Farscape: The Card Game

Farscape is one of my favorite science fiction series, though like many, its life was too short. You can relive the adventures with the print-and-play Farscape card game.

The Twelve Doctors Dr. Who Card Game

The Twelve Doctors is a fan created card game based on the enormously popular Dr. Who franchise.

From the Board Game Geek Description:

The Twelve Doctors is an unauthorised, non-profit and non-collectable card game set within the immensely popular Doctor Who universe.

Consisting of two balanced 60-card decks, the game pits two players against each other for the fate of the galaxy. One player takes the role of the Doctor in all his regenerations, and his opponent assumes control of his arch enemy, The Master.

The game has an asymmetrical design, with both decks featuring different cards and abilities. The Twelve Doctors is played using a 3-column time-line system, representing the battle for Gallifrey, Earth present and future, and Earth past. Gameplay is quick and bloodthirsty with companions EX-TER-MI-NATED! frequently, and marauders being dropped into black holes, or destroyed by the well-placed use of Venusian Aikido.

Doomed Card Game

Doomed is a card game designed to recreate a certain video game. Like All WarpSpawn games, this is very much a do-it-yourself project.

Hitchhiker’s Quest For The Galaxy Game

Hitchhiker’s Quest For The Galaxy is a home-brew card game based on the book of the same name.

You gotta love a game which specifies that “the most depressed player goes first.”

Shaun of the Dead Card Game

Shaun of the Dead is free card game based on the very funny movie of the same name.