Deadly Harmony Fighting Game

Deadly Harmony is a free print-and-play game that:

attempts to capture the flavor of old Kung-Fu movies of the 70�s and classic arcade fighting games of the early 90�s. Over the course of the next few minutes you will take on the role of a fighter in a one-on-one bout of martial arts. This game is about reading your opponent, knowing what they are going to do next, and being a step ahead. So prepare yourself, lace up your gloves, and get ready to FIGHT!

Great Old Ones Card Game

Great Old Ones offer the rules for a two player card game where the goal is to reduce your opponent’s sanity to “0.” You need to make your own cards to play.

Triton’s Garden Card Game

Triton’s Garden is a new trick taking game for 3 – 6 players using a standard 52 card deck.

Druid’s Duel

Druid’s Duel is a strategy card game — played with a poker deck — for two to four players. It simulates a duel between shape-shifting magicians.

Citadels Print-And-Play Card Game

Citadels is one of my favorite games of all time. First published in 2000, it involves deduction, card drafting and set collection around a city-building theme.

Publisher Asmodee offers a print-and-play version. I highly recommend it.