Agent Decker Free Solo Deck Building Game

Agent Decker is a spy-themed solo deckbuilding game.

The author writes:

AGENT DECKER is a mission-based deckbuilding game for one player where you’ll acquire gear and skills by facing obstacles. The alarm raises every turn, so you must pick who you take out. Do you go for the cool weapon, or take out the security camera?

The download includes the print-ready cards and the rulebook for Agent Decker version 0001.

Burning Rome: Barbarian Uprising

Burning Rome: Barbarian Uprising is a free print-and-play, standalone expansion for the commercial game, Burning Rome. It’s free because right now, it is in the prototype stage, so I suspect it won’t be up long.

Both Barbarian Uprising and the original Burning Rome are two player card games are two-player, deckbuilding, tactical card games.

After The Disaster: Triage

After the Disaster: Tirage is a solitaire deck builder where you manage a hospital after a catastrophic earthquake. Playing time is just five to fifteen minures.

The Cauldron Fan Expansion For Sentinels of the Multiverse

The Cauldron is a fan-created expansion for the popular (and very good) commercial game, Sentinels of the Multiverse.