Sand Pebbles Boxer Rebellion Edition

Sand Pebbles Boxer Rebellion Edition is a set of free wargames rules from Bill Molyneaux.

The Boxer Rebellion by Diana Preston

Diana Preston’s Boxer Rebellion:The Dramatic Story of China’s War on Foreigners That Shook the World in the Summer of 1900 was a primary source when I was researching scenarios for my Boxer Rebellion miniature wargaming project. The book reads like a novel, carrying the reader from one exciting event to another. While it doesn’t have the copious numbers and orders of battle so favored by wargamers, it more than makes up for this by providing dozens of raw ideas for good scenarios. Highly recommended.

Boxer Rebellion : The Dramatic Story of China’s War on Foreigners that Shook the World in the Summer of 1900

The Natives Are Restless Tonight

Matakishi has written The Natives Are Restless Tonight, a set of free wargaming siege rules for any game involving a large band of natives, and a small, but stalwart group of westerners. They would work for any game in the colonial era, including the Zulu War, Boxer Rebellion, Foreign Legion, North West Frontier and Indian Mutiny.

The rules use a card activation system, and involve rolling handfulls d6s. Casualties are determined by summing the attack dice and removing a figure for every multiple of 6, 9 or 12, depending upon the defensive situation.

Boxer Rebellion Board Game

A couple of days ago a friend asked if I had ever seen a Boxer Rebellion board game. I went looking and found a free print-and-play Boxer Rebellion Game on Warpspawn Games

Tuan Boxer Rebellion Rules

Tuan is a set of free wargames rules for the Boxer Rebellion.  The scale is 1 figure = 5 men. The author, Tod P. Zechiel, is also the proprietor of Panfish Flies, which manufactures and sells hand-made fishing flies. For those who have never tied a fishing fly (I have made lots of them), it is a fine and delicate art. Mr. Zechiel originally published the rules as part of his miniature wargaming company, Cellmate Miniatures, which produced Boxer Rebellion figures.

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