Modeling Ruins

Wyloch has some good tips here for modeling ruined corners. Corners are among the strongest parts of a building, so they will naturally be prominent parts of ruins.

Making Ruins From Cardboard

Cardboard is not the greatest material for making wargames buildings — formcore is far better. But for making ruins, it actually works quite well. I built enough ruins to cover a 5×5 table for a Stalingrad game from cardboard. Terragenesis has an article on making ruins from cardboard that look remarkably like the ones I made.

Modeling Ruins For Wargames

Paper Model Ruins For Frostgrave

Osprey is supporting their popular Frostgrave rules with some paper model ruins for the game. They could of course also be used for a number of other medieval and fantasy games.

Making Battle Ruins Terrain For Wargames