Paper Medieval Buildings and Figures

One Monk offers a set of paper medieval buildings and paper medieval figures.

Paper Dungeons and Starship Decks

Germ’s World has a two sets of paper corridors for use as terrain with your wargames: a set of dungeon corridors and a set for science fiction. The sets include wall sections of various lengths, crossroads, junctions, staircases, archways, pits, traps and more. They are easily as good as many of the commercially available sets. You could use these for any number of games, including Games Workshop’s Space Hulk or Warhammer Quest, WizKids’ MageKnight Dungeons, or just a regular Dungeons and Dragons slaughterfest.

Warmaster Paper Counters

A League of Ordinary Gamers has sets of paper counters for Warmaster armies including: New Kingdom Egyptians, Assyrians, Brettonian, Chaos, Dark Elves, Dwarf, Empire, High Elf, Lizardmen, Orcs, Skaven, Undead, Vampire Counts, and Wood Elves.

Paper counters are a good, quick and reasonably cheap way of trying out a system.

Cardboard Miniatures For The Fantasy Trip

Here’s a set of cardboard figures designed for The Fantasy Trip, that classic, now sadly out-of-print role playing and miniatures game.