Dark City Games’ Legends RPG

I am a huge fan of the old Metagaming series “The Fantasy Trip”, which included Melee and Wizard. I remember first seeing them in a hobby shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, and still get a warm fuzzy feeling when I get out my little plastic bags.

Sentimentality aside, they’re also great games. I’ve used them for both role playing, and miniatures skirmish games. Sadly, they are long out of print. Metagaming folded and inventor Steve Jackson went on to found Steve Jackson Games. You can find .pdf files of the games in various plaes on the internet, but I am sure that they are in violation of copyright. I’d love to host copies here on MiniatureWargaming, but have no idea who does hold the copyright.

Until then, there is a legal and FREE alternative: Dark City Games’ Legends RPG. It uses the same mechanics and has the same light tactical feel.

Cardboard Miniatures For The Fantasy Trip

Here’s a set of cardboard figures designed for The Fantasy Trip, that classic, now sadly out-of-print role playing and miniatures game.

Character Sheets For The Fantasy Trip

Seven Hex Dragon has some free pdf character sheets for The Fantasy Trip.

The Fantasy Trip Third Dimension

The Fantasy Trip Third Dimension is a set of rules modifications for The Fantasy Trip / Melee / Wizard that allows you to use Heroscape sets instead of cardboard counters. The three dimensions create some issues, but these solve them. You’ll need The Fantasy Trip to play, but if you don’t have a copy, you can make do with Legends, which is free from Dark City Games.

Melee and Wizard: The Fantasy Trip Mass Combat Rules

Melee and Wizard is a set of rules modifications to allow you to use The Fantasy Trip / Melee / Wizard for mass combat.