Zombie Wars Boardgame

From Invisible City Games comes Zombie Wars, a free zombie board game. Zombie Wars: "Undead warfare between two to four rival zombie masters rages in the streets of Smallton�"

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Early Imperial Roman Photos

Eye candy time. Here are some pictures of really well-done Early Imperial Romans. I like to have pictures like these to use as a painting guide.

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Zed or Alive Zombie Skirmish Game

Zed or Alive is a set of free wargames rules for Zombie Apocalypse skirmishes. To play, you'll also need a copy of Savage Worlds Showdown (also free). The authors write:

Zed or Alive is a campaign-based miniatures skirmish game using the award-winning Savage Worlds: Showdown! system set in the years following the zombie apocalypse. You control one of several human group types such as Survivors, Tribals, or Military and battle each other and the ever-present zombie menace to gain weapons, supplies, and dominance!
Alternately, you may choose to play as a Virus Strain, gaining evolutionary material with every battle and evolving to become increasingly lethal!
This PDF rulebook provides players with a fast, furious, and fun miniatures game that allows them to use any zombie or survivor figures to play out campaigns just like your favorite zombie movies and shows!

Weathering With Foam

Dark Future gaming has a post on using bits of foam to weather a 40K vehicle. The technique could be applied to almost anything, though.

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Attack On Leningrad Movie

Attack On Leningrad is a 2009 Russian war film about the 1941 siege of Leningrad. Interestingly, it stars Gabriel Byrne and Mira Sorvino.