Easy Rules For the Battle of Thermopylae

If the movie 300 has inspired the wargamer in you, but not enough to go out and paint 300 Spartans and a couple of thousand Persians, you might want to head on over to the Junior General’s site. There you will find simple rules and paper figures for refighting the battle of Thermopylae

Gangs of Skavenblight

Gangs of Skavenblight is an Warhammer Fantasy adaptation of Footsore Miniatures’ Gangs of Rome Game. It features, as you might imagine, gangs of Skaven fighting for control of the city of the Horned Rat.

All of the links below are to pdf files.


Character Cards

Weapons Cards

Making a 28mm Scale Church

TerraGenesis has a photo tutorial on making a 28mm Scale Church. It’s done in a cross layout and features a nicely done interior.

Crusader Banners

The Fanaticus Site has a set of Crusader banners for you to download and print. They’re in 15mm scale.

An Hour of Valor Fantasy Skirmish Rules

An Hour of Valor is a set of free wargames rules for Fantasy Skirmishes.