Modeling Dirt Roads, Tracks and Paths

Here's a nice instructional video on modeling dirt roads, paths and tracks for your wargames table.

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Far Alamo Short Film

"FAR ALAMO". Short Film. from Fabrice Mathieu on Vimeo.

Far Alamo is a short film mash up of classic westerns and Starship Troopers. It is very clever.

Building Rocky Desert Hills

The 1000 Foot General blog has a good tutorial on building rocky desert hills that are suitable for a wide variety of settings.

Priming With Gesso

Here's an article on priming your figures with artists gesso. I've actually been using gesso to prime my figures since the late 1970s. I only use it on 25mm / 28mm figures, though. With my 15s, it is much more efficient to use spray paint.

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Initiative Cards For English Civil War

The Lead Gardens Blog offers a set of iniative cards for English Civil War games. They're designed to work with the Victory Without Quarter rules, but no doubt could be used for many others.

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