Bekaa Blues Modern Micro Armor Rules

Bekaa Blues is a set of free wargames rules for 1/285 micro armor battles set in Lebanon in 1982.

Installation 42 Print-And-Play

Installation 42 is a free print-and-play deck building game with a science fiction theme. Looks good.

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Spanish Fury Voyage!

Voyage! is a stand-alone campaign system for games set in the Caribbean during the mid-late 16th century. It is intended for use with the The Perfect Captain's Spanish Fury game.

Making Miniature Alien Eggs

Because every game can be improved with alien eggs ...

Advanced Role Playing Mechanics

Advanced Role Playing Mechanics is a minimalist RPG that uses a logarithmic scale for all of its mechanics. Author R.E. Bridson writes that:

It is this scale which allows ARM to handle a huge variety of things, from the very small to the very big, while still using small numbers. Also, it means that multiplication and division are almost completely absent from the system, while the effects of multiplying and dividing are still there!

Because of this scale, the system would work very well for handling super hero games, where the strength of a character like Superman positively dwarfs that of, say, Batman.

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