Making and Basing 1/285 Scale Trees

Tabletop Titans has a couple of tutorials on making and basing 1/285 scale trees. I’m going to use these for my 6mm English Civil War project.

Tom’s Ancient Warfare Rules

Tom’s Ancient Warfare rules are a set of free wargames rules designed to be played with — of all things — Risk pieces. The author notes that the bases may need to be larger if you use historical miniatures.


Painting With Inks

Tabletop Titans has a tutorial on using inks on a white base to create a sort of “watercolor” look to your figures. I very much like the look and am trying to decide on what unpainted project I could use the technique. Actually, I’ve been thinking about getting some of those woodland creatures figures and doing a “Mouseguard” game. The watercolor look would be just right for that.

Aquazone Game of Deep Sea Exploration and Combat

Aqua Zone is a set of free wargames rules for playing miniatures games that feature underwater combat with submarines, DSV’s and marine animals.

Making Terrain From Cardboard

Although this video is focused on Warhammer 40K, I think the techniques shown for building terrain entirely out of cardboard are worth studying.