Honey Springs Free Civil War Wargame

Honey Springs is a free, traditional hex-and-counter board game of the largest Civil War battle in the Indian Nations.

Scorched Parchments

Scorched Parchments is a fantasy supplement for the Wars of the Roses rules Torn Liveries. Both sets of free wargames rules are available at the link.

Commodore Fighting Sail Card Game

WarpSpawn offers Commodore, a two player card game of Napoleonic fighting sail.

Tudor House Paper Model

This full color model of a Tudor style house probably is best for 10mm or 15mm figures, but since it’s in a jpg format, it would be simple to resize it.

Arkham Noir Print and Play

Arkham Noir is a fun solo card game set in the Lovecraft Universe. You can find a print and play for Case 2: The King In Yellow at the link (no need to have played Case 1 — they are standalone games).