1862 Campaign Rules

1862 is a set of American Civil War Campaign Rules designed for Johnny Reb, but which could be used with any miniatures rules set.


Sculpting An Urban Wall

A nice tutorial on sculpting and then making a mold of an urban wall.

Basing Trees

Here’s a photo tutorial on basing tree armatures.

Viridian Roll and Write Game

Viridian is a free print-and-play, roll and write game that has armies of animals defending their forest against invading humans. Technically, it’s a flip and write, where you flip cards for an outcome and then make decisions about what spaces to mark on your scorecard.

The game’s cover illustration has a grizzly with a turret gun strapped to its back. How can you go wrong.


The Great Canoe Race Game

The Great Canoe Race is a combat/race game featuring canoes set during in colonial America. The files are stored in the Eastern Woodlands Indians Yahoo Group. Looks like fun. I have FIW figures. I may be painting canoes next.