Command Combat Civil War: Bull Run

Command Combat Civil War: Bull Run is both a rules set and a scenario for playing the American Civil War.

Eight Bells Napoleonic Paper and iPhone Rules

I wonder why this hasn’t been done before. Eight Bells is a set of paper rules, combined with an iPhone app for playing Napoleonic naval games.

d12 Death Blow Rules

d12 Death Blow is a set of rules for man-to-man combat:

d12 Death Blow pits two combatants against each other in a contest for supremacy. The opponents might be martial artists, wizards trading bolds of eldrich energies, mentalists in a psychic contest or a pair of intergalactic wrestlers vying for the Cosmic Championship.

War In Space Rules

War In Space is a set of free wargames rules for star ship combat. What makes it different is that it uses standard playing cards for giving orders.

Corvus On Land Rules

Corvus on Land is a set of free wargames rules to accompany the Richard Lee’s CORVUS (or any other Ancient Naval rules) when played in 1/1200 or smaller scales.