Painting Ancient Spanish Scutarri Photo Tutorial

The Paint Machine Blog has an excellent, multipart tutorial on painting ancient spanish scutarri. A nice touch is that he tells you how long it takes to paint each step.

Sculpting A Chain Out Of “Brownstuff” Epoxy

The Excommunicate Traitors blog has a photo tutorial on making a chain out of the brownstuff epoxy putty.

Battle of Granicus

The Junior General offers a set of fast play rules as well as paper figures for the Battle of Granicus, in which Alexander The Great took on the Persian Empire.


JAGS Revised Free RPG Rules

JAGS stands for Just Another Game System and is described as a “rules heavy” universal RPG system. It’s gotten some notice around the ‘net and is available for free as a pdf or you can pay to get a print version.

Apocalypse Pooh

One of the most twisted things I’ve ever seen. Suitable for work and kids of the intelligent sort, but twisted.