Free Solo Science Fiction Miniatures Rules

Sally Forth Miniatures offers a free set of rules for playing solo Science Fiction miniatures games. While designed for ACP164, they are adaptable to any sci-fi miniatures system, such as WH40KVoidStar Wars, etc.

Winged Fury Late Renaissance Wargames Rules

Winged Fury is a set of wargames rules for games set in the late Renaissance. You’ll find it under files in the Yahoo group.

Space Rat RPG

Space Rat is an RPG written by Nathan Russell in just 24 hours. It’s inspired by the cheesy science fiction movies of the 70s. It looks like a lot of fun.

The Fantasy Trip: Melee Free Download

Steve Jackson Games is making its classic game The Fantasy Trip: Melee free for the downloading (facebook link). They are, of course, hoping that you like it enough to buy the other supplements.

Painting Waffen SS Peadots Camouflage

The Perry’s Heroes Site offers a photographic guide to painting Waffen SS pea dot camo patterns.