Dead Run Science Fiction Rules

Loyal reader Dentatus has contributed a set of free science fiction rules called Dead Run Redux.From the introduction:

Dead Run is a set of science fiction wargame rules. But not the science fiction of Star Wars or Flash Gordon; these worlds are hard, fast and deadly, and you need to be the same. Whether you’re facing down criminal scum, hordes of aliens, killer robots, twisted mutants, or waves of zombies, you just want to get the job done and live to tell about it. Sometimes you’ve got friends along for the ride – Runners they’re called – and sometimes it’s just you. Either way you’ve got to think on your feet and get the first shot off every time, because Runners don’t get too many second chances.


Casting Bunkers In Plaster

Terragenesis has a nice article on casting bunkers in plaster from chocolate boxes.

Military Memoirs Parlour Game

Military Memoirs is a parlour game from the mind of Jim Wallman. In it, the players tell outlandish tales of their military adventures.

Wasteland Racing One Page Rules

Wasteland Racing is a set of free wargames rules for deadly races in a post apocalyptic world.

Building Mad Scientist Labs

Terragenesis has an article on building laboratory equipment for mad scientists. The photos show an amazing use of various household and electronics bits.