Faction Wars Science Fiction Skirmish

Fire and Forget Games has released a downloadable PDF version of the rules for Faction Wars, the sci-fi skirmish game. The free 40-page PDF contains the basic rules of the game, sample squads for two factions, and a couple of scenarios to get you started.

Minifigz Lego Combat Rules

Minifigz is a set of rules for combat with Lego figurines.

Thermopylae Print and Play Wargame

Thermopylae is a free print and play wargame about the classical era battle between Greeks and Persians.




Elfball Fantasy Football Rules

From Impact Games, Elfball is a set of fantasy “football” rules. It’s played on an oval field, so it’s not like “American Rules.”

Mobile Suit (MS) Era Rules

MS Era is a set of free wargames rules for playing with those Mobile Suit Gundam figurines.