Fast Play Napoleonic Rules

Jon Linney offers a set of Fast Play Napoleonic Rules. The author writes:

These rules provide a fast paced game with simple rule mechanisms that allow players to concentrate on their tactics and enjoy the ‘look’ of their tabletop battle, rather than have their heads buried in rule tables. Elements shoot and fight individually but move and test morale within their unit. One or two rule mechanisms have been ‘adapted’ from other rule systems (as I liked them); as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Players will need a table approximately 6′ by 4′ laid-out with suitable terrain. At least one D6 die and a measuring device each (measuring stick or rule), and of course two opposing armies. The measurements are for 15mm figures.

The Rules With No Name

The Rules with No Name, the classic western wargames rules are available as a free pdf at The War Store.

Away With Honour – Middle Ages Naval Warfare

Away with Honour is a set of free wargames rules for naval warfare in the Middle Ages by Tony Cullen.

Making Realistic Flags For 28mm Figures

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GURPS Treasure Generator

For GURPS players, here is an online automated treasure generator.