Eye Candy: 40mm AWI Game Set In The Fall

One of the most beautiful gaming setups I’ve ever seen: an American War of Indepence game set in the fall.

Rule References and Roster Sheets for Osprey Miniature Wargaming Rules

Osprey has gone into miniatures rules in a big way (and it makes me wonder why they didn’t do so long ago). On this page, you can get copies of the play sheets and reference sheets for In Her Majesty’s Name, Dux Bellorum, A World Aflame, Gods and Mortals, Ronin, On The Seven Seas, A Fistful of Kung Fu and Lion Rampant.

Hobbit Text Adventure

In 1982, Beam Software and Melbourne House released the first computer game explicitly based on Tolkien’s work. You can play the old school Hobbit text adventure game online here.

Modeling Troy For Skirmish Gaming

While not quite a tutorial, 15mm Wargaming for Fun and Sanity has a great article on modeling a mud brick / adobe town. The build was designed for ancient Troy, but as the author notes, such buildings are extremely versatile, applicable to more periods than you can count — even science fiction.

I’m inspired.

Castle Triskelion Mega Dungeon

Castle Triskelion is an old school fantasy role playing mega dungeon. It’s an ongoing project, and many of the pieces are available for downloading now, including what I have found is the most rare of modules — those for a small group of low-level characters.