Fast Play WWII Aerial Combat Rules

Matt Fritz offers a set of fast play miniatures rules for World War II Aerial Combat.

Coal and the Kaiser naval miniatures rules

Coal and The Kaiser is a set of free naval miniatures rules.

Author Leonard Heinz writes:

This is a game of low to moderate complexity portraying tactical naval combat in the period from 1904 through 1918. While it will not yet you play Jutland in a day, it will let you play some fairly large actions reasonably quickly. It uses a scale of 4 minutes to the game turn and 1000 yards to an inch on the playing surface. The rules focus on big ships and big guns: battleships (and particularly the Dreadnought-type battleships that began service in 1905), battlecruisers and armored cruisers.

Canvas Eagles WWI Dogfight Rules

Canvas Eagles is a set of free wargames rules for WWI Dogfights

Goodbyeee! Skirmish Rules For The Great War

Goodbyeee! is a set of skirmish rules for the Great War on the Eastern Front. Players command a force of 20 – 30 figures.

Entrenched Rules For WWI

Entrenched is a set of free wargames for the early years of the First World War. It is designed for 1:76 scale figures.