Origins of World War I Board Game

Origins of World War I is a free print-and-play game by legendary wargames designer James Dunnigan. The game was re-implemented as Origins of World War II, an Avalon Hill game now long out of print. From the description:

A political/strategy game in which five players represent the five major nations in pre-World War I Europe. They must compete against each other to achieve each nation's 'national objectives'. While actual war is not allowed in the game, the play should show quite clearly how tensions developed to such a high pitch in 1914.

France 1914 Board Game

Lou Coatney's France 1914 is a free print-and-play, hex-and-counter boardgame of the German attack on France in 1914.

Trench Broom 54mm WWI Rules

Trench Broom is a set of free wargames rules for game set in WWI. The rules are designed for 54mm figures.


The Lights Are Going out WWI Rules

The Lights Are Going Out is a set of free wargames rules for WWI in 1914. The rules are designed for 15mm figures.

When Technology Meets Tradition Early 20th Century Rules

From the Yahoo Groups Site:

"When Technology Meets Tradition" is a set of rules for wargaming early modern warfare conflicts, roughly from 1895-1915. The emphasis of the author is on early World War I (1914-1915) but other period wars are also of interest, such as the Russo-Japanese War or the Boer wars. The rules are fast-play and focus on the problems faced by military tacticians during early modern warfare: when outdated linear tactics and love of the offensive ran head-on into lethal, accurate, and rapid firing weaponry.

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