Trench Assault

Jim Wallman presents Trench Assault, a battalion level game simulating a rush across no man’s land in 1916. Jim writes that it can be used with any scale figures, but that 1/300 or 6mm would be best because they are closest to the groudn scale.

Making A Free Standing Trench Terrain Board

Roundwood’s World has an excellent photo illustrated post on how he built a trenches terrain board. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

Making Trenches Blog Series

The Roundwood’s World blog has a very nice series on making trench system terrain boards. I’m inspired.

Making 15mm Trenches

Itty Bitty Battlefields has a post on making 15mm trench systems on the cheap.

Building Miniature Wargaming Trench Scenery

Ironhands has a nice photo tutorial on building a trench system for your miniature wargames.