Starcrashers Board Game

Starcrashers is a simple tabletop game of space exploration and combat. The author writes:

Star Crashers is a friendly game for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. Each turn, players move their spacecraft around the table, exploring by flipping over Blip Counters that could be Space Pirates, Gravity Mines, Derelict Ships, and stranger things! When a player successfully deals with an encounter, they collect Credits as specified in the encounter. Once all the Blip Counters have been revealed and dealt with, the game is over- the player with the most credits wins. You can also try playing teams, pairing up with another player and combining your credits to see which team can earn the most!

Smash Monster Rampage Board and Miniatures Game

Smash Monster Rampage is a print-and-play board game with paper miniatures.

From the author:

The ‘Smash Monster’ is a huge monster, taller than the highest skyscraper, and it’s attacking your city. Mobilise your troops and exterminate the beast before every building becomes a heap of rubble. The victorious task force will score more hits and rescue more survivors than their opponent.

Game Overview
Players compete to rescue survivors and win the most ‘Monster Hit’ cards. The ‘Monster Die’ generates random actions for the Monster making the beast npredictable and dangerous. It sets buildings ablaze, creates devastating quakes and destroys everything in its path. Taking turns to move their Tank and/or Helicopter Units, players get into position to attack the Monster. Win ‘Monster Hit’ cards by successfully firing at the Monster and fulfilling the conditions on the cards. Act fast, if the city is flattened before the Monster is killed, the Monster wins!

Hat Tip to Martyn for the link.

Panzer Grenadier Free Downloads

Avalance Games offers the third edition of its Panzer Grenadier board game as a free download. There’s a lot of assembly, but its a good way to try it out with minimal cash investment.


Minifight is a silly little humans versus monsters game.

Battle of Legnano Board Game

The Battle of Legnano is a complete print-and-play wargame for the medieval battle of Legano in 1176. In that battle the forces of the Holy Roman Empire, led by emperor Frederick Barbarossa met the Lombard League.