Shaun of the Dead Card Game

Shaun of the Dead is free card game based on the very funny movie of the same name.

Reanimation Zombie Survival Card Game

Reanimation is very highly rated at Board Game Geek. And it is free.

Dice of the Living Dead

Dice of The Living Dead is a free print-and-play zombie survival horror game.

Western In My Pocket Free Print and Play Game

Western In My Pocket is a free print and play tile game. From the BGG description:

Players lay tiles beginning at the Sheriff’s Office, and must find dynamite at the Survey Camp and get to the mine and blow it up before noon. While you’re doing this, there are bandits around that will try and stop you. Western in my Pocket features a modular board, so no 2 games are ever the same.

Cthulhu: The Great Old One Card Game

Cthulhu: The Great Old One is a simple, free print-and-play card game.