Cavern Crawl Dungeon Miniatures Game

Cavern Crawl is a game of dungeon adventure with miniatures.

SAGA Battleboards For Game of Thrones Lannister and Stark Factions

I was glad to discover that I’m not the only one who thinks of playing battles in The Game of Thrones using historical medieval, 100 Years War and Wars of the Roses figures. Tabletop Deutschland has created some spectacular battleboards for Houses Lannister and Stark.

SAGA Trojan War Battleboards

For the commercial game SAGA, some free Battleboards for Greeks and the Trojan War:

Ithaca and Illium




Vietnam Skirmish Rules

From The Black Dog of Doom comes a set of Vietnam Skirmish Rules. The author writes:

This is a set of wargame rules for playing a middling size skirmish set in the American/Vietnam war. The rules were written for use with 20mm metal minis and have been used in that role a number of times.

As well as the figures and terrain, you will also need to supply some standard dice, a measuring stick, lots of tiddley winks and some crunched up balls of paper!

The rules feature the use of supressing fire which will pin all but the bravest of warriors. In game terms, supressing fire reduces the ability of the supressed to interfere with your plans.

Also included are some rules for handling vehicles and artillery fire, although these features are not expected be the focus of the game. In play each player will easily be able to handle 20-30 figures.

Brigade Commander Napoleonic Rules

Brigade Commander is a set of Napoleonic Rules. The author writes:

The inspiration and model for this rules set has come from two very fine existing published rules sets.

The first “De Bellis Antiquitatis“ is a simple yet wonderful quick-play focused mode that models warfare in the ancient world.

The second set “Chef de Battailon” is an exceedingly detailed set of Napoleonic rules with each commander controling a single battalion. In this set, the player is constantly faced by the nightmare of moving troops around terrain while under fire.

Both sets are excellent at what they do, but as the main designer of these rules I wanted the detail of “Chef” and the speed of “De Bellis”. Much play testing and tinkering has resulted in the set of rules you now hold.