Into The Fray Core Rules

Into The Fray is a set of free wargames rules for fantasy skirmishes. The authors write:

Designed so that each player will field between 15 and 20 figures in a standard battle, a game of Into the Fray will last about 2 hours with experienced players. The game includes rules for the standard fare like movement, combat and morale, and also includes a system for magic and special abilities that will keep things interesting even for veteran players.

Available only in an electronic format, ITF is a print and play game. It keeps the initial cost down and allows you to make as many or as few miniatures as you need to form your army. With a few supplies (cardstock and glue sticks) and a few hobby tools (a hobby knife and a straightedge) you can build all of the cards, miniatures, counters and templates you need. Add in a handful of six siders and a tape measure and you will be ready to get Into the Fray!!

War of Ashes: Shieldbash

War of Ashes: Shieldbash is a fantasy game set in a dying world. While the full game is a commercial product, the company offers the rules sections of the gamebook for free.

CardBoard Card Deck Simulator

CardBoard is an interesting project. It’s a bit of software that simulates a deck of cards in a digital playspace, and allows you to play with friends over a local area network. Keep an eye on this one, because remote playing via the internet is sure to come.

Middle Earth Skirmish Rules

Middle Earth are a set of free wargames rules for skirmishes in JRR Tolkien’s fantasy worlds. The set includes specific rules for battles in the three “Ages.”

Tigers At Minsk

Tigers at Minsk is a set of WWII rules designed for 10mmm figures on 4 inch hexes. The author writes:

These rules are specifically designed for WWII tactical games to be played in a small area (3′ x 2′ or slightly larger) using 4″ hexes. Units represent individual infantry sections, support weapons and vehicles. Most of the scenarios presented here use a gaming space that is 8 hexes wide by 6 hexes deep if using a 4″ hex with the hex grain running sideways (see scenario maps). The equipment lists and scenarios relate to the east front circa 1943 / 44 and have been developed using Kallistra hex terrain and Pendraken’s 10mm figures.