Jervis on Warhammer Ancients Battles

Lochagos, at the Lochagos website has collected all of the postings that Jervis Johnson made regarding Warhammer Ancients Battles, on the WAB Ancients List. Lochagos cautions that, while these are not official rulings, they do provide some insight into JJ’s thinking.

Warhammer Ancients Roman Army Example

The Warhammer Ancients rules book is full of point values, but it’s sometimes difficult to tell exactly how many of each troop type you should have. If you’re into Romans, here’s an example army list for you.

Sepeia 494 BC Warhammer Ancients Scenario

The Othismos ancients wargaming blog has a Warhammer Ancients scenario for the battle of Sepeia, fought in 494 BC between the Spartans and Argives.

Late Medieval Bosnian Armies For Warhammer

Here’s an article on Late Medieval Bosnian Armies for Warhammer Ancient Battles.

Warhammer Mongol Army List and Photos

I’ve noticed a growing interest in playing Mongols — perhaps due to the introduction of some new 25mm / 28mm figure lines. Vince’s Homepage (yes, that’s the site’s name), has some photos of a nicely painted Mongol Army and a useful Mongol Army list for Warhammer Ancients.