Mental Asylum Paper Model

Here’s a paper model of the mental asylum from Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights attraction. It’s on the large size, so you’ll want to scale it down.

The Sword and The Pike

The Sword and The Pike is a renaissance variant for Larry Brom’s classic The Sword and The Flame.

Ghost House Haunted House Paper Model

Here’s a spectacular model of a classic Victorian haunted house. I’ll work nicely for 25mm figures.

Verdammnis Weird WWII Rules

Eric Laurent has written Verdammnis, a “weird World War II” modification for the excellent commercial rules set “Dogs of War.”

The modifications include rules for Nazi scientists, zombies, super soldiers, and werewolves, as well as providing stats for WWII British, Russian, US and German troops.

Old Trousers 6mm

From Baccus miniatures, Old Trousers 6mm is a set of quick-play Napoleonics, played on a 2 foot x 2 foot board.