DBA Rules for 19th Century

From Vae Victis magazine, a DBA variant for the Napoleonic, Mexican-American, American Civil War and Franco-Prussian conflicts.

Modified Morschauser 19th Century Rules

Bob Cordery offers a set of Modified Morschauser 19th Century Rules. They’re based on the original set by Joseph Morschauser. It’s played on a gridded battlefield


NapNuts Western Gunfight Rules

The Napnuts’ Chew Boon Longe has a set of free wargames rules for western gunfights.

Island Mayhem Pirate Rules

Island Mayhem is a set of rules for playing games in which 25mm – 28mm Pirates are searching for treasure.

American Civil War Rules For 25mm Figures

American Civil War is a set of rules for 25mm figures in a 1:25 scale.