Constructing An Egyptian Tomb

Matakishi’s Tea House has a photo tutorial on making a modular Egyptian tomb from painted balsa blocks. The effect is quite nice and the end result would work very well in ancient, as well as pulp miniatures games.

Zombie Assault

Zombie Assault is a board-figure-and dice-game in which the players s search the board for equipment which helps them fight their way to the saving car or to barricade in the house. In the meantime, Zombies try to eat their brains.

Seven Years Warmaster is an adaptation of Games Workshop’s Warmaster rules for the Seven Years War.

Grunt, Growl and Tear Monster Combat Game

Grunt, Growl and Tear is Invisible City’s free board game of monster combat. It’s “A no-holds barred game of monster combat where you can rip limbs from your opponents and add them to your body, making yourself more powerful.”

Easy Rules For the Battle of Thermopylae

If the movie 300 has inspired the wargamer in you, but not enough to go out and paint 300 Spartans and a couple of thousand Persians, you might want to head on over to the Junior General’s site. There you will find simple rules and paper figures for refighting the battle of Thermopylae