Even Death May Die Zombie Rules

Even Death May Die is a set of free wargames rules for Zombie apacalypse games. The author writes:

Clocking in at 33 pages and nearly 8000 words, “Even Death May Die” is a 28mm zombie themed wargame. It uses eight-sided die and features rules for user-constructed battles as well as a campaign game rule set! There are multiple factions in the game, including Survivors, Zombies, Bandits, and the Military.

So yeah, this thing here has been a labour of love for me for the past few months, so I hope you guys find it enjoyable!
I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Neutron York 3000 Skirmish Rules

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Nuclear Renaissance Rules

Ramshackle Games offers Nuclear Renaissance, a set of free, downloadable rules for playing skirmishes set in a post nuclear holocaust. There’s both a full color, and a printer friendly set.

The game puts me in mind of one of the favorites from my childhood — Gamma World. You had to love that chart for checking out various objects you discovered.