Axles and Allows Car Combat Game

Axles and Alloys is a set of free wargames rules for futuristic vehicular combat.

Fallout Warfare

Fallout Warfare is a set of miniatures rules for playing games set in the universe of the acclaimed Fallout computer game.

Nuclear Renaissance Rules

Ramshackle Games offers Nuclear Renaissance, a set of free, downloadable rules for playing skirmishes set in a post nuclear holocaust. There’s both a full color, and a printer friendly set.

The game puts me in mind of one of the favorites from my childhood — Gamma World. You had to love that chart for checking out various objects you discovered.

New Vegas Fallout Skirmish Game

New Vegas is a set of free wargames rules designed with playing a Fallout style post apocalypse game in mind.

Wasteland Racing One Page Rules

Wasteland Racing is a set of free wargames rules for deadly races in a post apocalyptic world.