Occult WWII Card Game

Occult World War II is a two player Warpspawn Card game. You need to make your own cards to play.

Imperial Guards Vs Zombies Rules

Imperial Guard vs Zombies is a set of modifications for Warhammer 40K

Zombies vs. Imperial Guard (Warhammer 40K Mod) Rules v1.5

Zombie Hour Tabletop Board Game

Zombie Hour is a tabletop game of zombie survival horror. The authors write:

What separates us from the zombies?

Something stronger than a heavy steel door.

It is what’s in our hearts that elevates us above them.

But when our hearts race, chests tighten, and breaths come hard, our humanity becomes a liability. Exhaustion and the ravages of time wear us down, while leaving them untouched, narrowing the gap between us and them. Ultimately we will fall within their grasp, be pulled down, and join them.

Zombie Hour is a print and play tabletop action-adventure game of survival. It is a real time tactical miniatures game with a resource allocation element–that resource is your life’s breath.

Having vitality and being able to choose how to use it is what sets you apart from the zombies. But living is both an advantage and a weakness. Conserve, expend, and recover your energy as you race against the clock, struggle against the rising tide of undead, and search for supplies to keep humanity going.

Find out what’s in your heart…

The Devil, John Moulton RPG

The Devil, John Moulton is a western horror-rpg offered on a pay-what-you-want basis. The authors write:

Somewhere out there is your quarry. The one that you’ve been hunting across the vast desert of the American West. The one who showed you how to bind a demon to your soul. John Moulton. Murderer, bank robber, outlaw and demon summoning warlock. The man they call ‘The Devil John’.

You’ve gathered together a posse. Each of your posse is also seeking the same sorcerous bandit that you are. Some of you are seeking vengeance. Some are seeking redemption. Some just want to collect the sizable bounty on Moulton’s head. Each says that they want Devil John dead. Some of them might even be telling the truth.

So you’re gonna ride with them, seeking out Moulton. Each town you ride into finds your quarry’s henchmen and minions. They’re losers and deadbeats who sold their souls for peanuts. But each one is going to bring you a little bit closer to the your final goal. Kill enough and you might find your way up to the man himself. Then, there will be a reckoning.

The Devil John Moulton is a tabletop roleplaying game designed for one gamemaster and 2-5 player characters. You can run a game in a single sitting, but it is best suited to being a few sessions long, perhaps meeting 2 to 5 times for a few hours each time.

Twilight World: The Game

Twilight World is a set of free wargames rules for miniatures games set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie future. The author writes:

Until now, they have only existed in our imaginations. “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth.” Now humanity must fight for its fragile existence, and the right to survive in a Land filled with the unliving.

Twilight World is a basic game system that was designed for quick and easy miniature wargaming in a modern horror setting. These rules allow players to fight desperate battles with small groups of human survivors (heroes) in low intensity battles, primarily against other players who control zombie hordes, and roving gangs of villains… and worse.

These rules are designed to play on a table top using 28mm miniatures. Movement and firing distances are made using a 1”squared game board, although there is no reason why you can’t play on a hex board, or simply measure distances in one inch increments as you go. However, by default these rules assume the you will be using a squared game board. The rules also require the use of up to four 6-sided dice.

A battlefield usually consists of some 3D terrain pieces. These represent obstacles such as walls, buildings, deserted vehicles, raised roads, rivers, bridges, trees, etc, etc. All this can all be made from scratch with relative ease by even the most frugal modeler… or are commercially available from many shops and on line resources.