Methuselah Vampire Hunting Game

Warpspawn games has a vampire hunting game called Methuselah designed to be played on a chessboard with a custom set of cards. One side plays Dracula and his minions, the other the vampire hunter and his assistants.

I think that some of the ideas could easily be lifted for use in more traditional miniatures games.

13 Piece Hearse Playset

Ravensblight has a free paper model of a hearse and coffins. Because you can have your printer resize these, they can be used for any number of scales and games.

Cemetary Paper Model

Add a creepy cemetary to your tabletop with this paper model from Ravensblight. The file is a pdf, so you cna resize it using your printer's control panel to make it fit whatever scale you need.

Hounds of Hell: Dogs of War supplement

Scott Kirby has written "Hounds of Hell," a supplement for the excellent "Dogs of War" commercial rules. Scott writes:

The game of DOGS OF WAR is without a doubt, one of my favourite miniature systems available today. The use of Action Points and the rules mechanisms themselves provide for a realistic and fun game that provides infinite scenario ideas and outcomes. The possibility and ease of using the rules for fantasy-based games drew me to write these rules. This is not a complete game. Possession of the DOGS OF WAR rules is necessary for play. Why design a game based on the HERESY figure range? Simple answer really´┐Ż I love the figures! The designs are great, production quality is superb and they are just crying out for a game system of their own. I must also point out that Andy Foster has been one of the friendliest and efficient manufacturers that I have dealt with, and I hope that this game can really help to promote their products.

Gotterdammerung Rules

The Jim Bowens Disturbia Yahoo Group has free rules for the Gotterdammerung WWII-Horror game.