Hounds of Hell: Dogs of War supplement

Scott Kirby has written "Hounds of Hell," a supplement for the excellent "Dogs of War" commercial rules. Scott writes:

The game of DOGS OF WAR is without a doubt, one of my favourite miniature systems available today. The use of Action Points and the rules mechanisms themselves provide for a realistic and fun game that provides infinite scenario ideas and outcomes. The possibility and ease of using the rules for fantasy-based games drew me to write these rules. This is not a complete game. Possession of the DOGS OF WAR rules is necessary for play. Why design a game based on the HERESY figure range? Simple answer really´┐Ż I love the figures! The designs are great, production quality is superb and they are just crying out for a game system of their own. I must also point out that Andy Foster has been one of the friendliest and efficient manufacturers that I have dealt with, and I hope that this game can really help to promote their products.

Gotterdammerung Rules

The Jim Bowens Disturbia Yahoo Group has free rules for the Gotterdammerung WWII-Horror game.

Frag Zombies

Frag Zombies is a set of rules for combining Steve Jackson's Frag game with Journeyman Press' Zombies! board game. Of course, ownership of both sets is required, so I'm not sure how useful it will be.

Dawn of the Dead board game

O.K. So it's not miniatures, but anyone my age will remember the classic SPI game "Dawn of the Dead." There's a downloadable version here.

Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3

Ok. This is neat. It's a Java window that shows how fast one infected individual can destroy a population.
Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3